What Goes Around
What Goes Around, Comes Around

In response to enquiries: an explanation for the present appearance of this page.

In October 2011, although not a member, I created menstonartsclub.org.uk in support of Menston Arts Club and my wife's long-standing membership of the club. In the period since, though the site was not, and is not, the club's 'offical website, I have expanded and maintained it in my own time and at no cost to the club (though they did offer and pay for domain renewals).

In November 2018 I discovered, quite by accident, an entry in the minutes of the club's committee meeting of 2 October 2018 which recorded that 'It was suggested that the website should be revised and this would be discussed at a later date'. I had neither been informed of, nor consulted on, the proposal.

Since that time there has been no contact from the club with myself despite the Chairman calling at my home on another matter, despite me being present at two of the club's recent exhibitions and despite me presenting an illustrated talk at one of the meetings. Any contact has been initiated by myself and responses, such as there have been, have been unhelpful.

The club have said they wish to take the website 'in-house' yet they have been investigating the cost of replacing it and have confirmed that, despite previous claims to the contrary, they do not have the necessary skills or knowledge within their members to build a website. The Chairman has said that my 'lack of membership has not been an issue in the past and wouldn't be in the future', 'we are not and have not found ,any reason to criticise anything you have done in the past' and 'I am completely in agreement with members who have praised your work'. In addition, since creating the website I have had no complaints or criticisms, only appreciation, praise and positive comments, all of which the committee's Chairman has confirmed by email, so it is difficult to understand why the club might want to make the change, especially as they have confirmed they do not have the means to do so and have made no progress in the past seven months.

When the proposal was challenged, an extra-ordinary committee meeting was called with 'Social Media' (the website) listed as the second item on the agenda. The meeting was due to start at 6pm. Daphne (for those who don't know, my wife and, at the time, the club's Social Secretary) arrived for the meeting at 6pm to be told that the meeting had started early, the second item had been moved forward, and a decision had been made for responsibility for the website to be transferred to three members of the committee.

That the committee's Chairman should allow this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. It is no way to run a meeting, or a club, in an open and transparent way. That the result was to exclude Daphne (the only member of the Committee to have a first-hand understanding of what has been involved in building and maintaining the website) can only be, at best, a regrettable mistake. That the club's minutes of a later meeting would confirm that nobody on the committee had the skills to take the proposal forward can only illustrate some very confused thinking.

Following this meeting, a formal complaint regarding its conduct was emailed by the Social Secretary to the Chairman. To date, and despite there having been a committee meeting in the intervening period, no action has been taken on the complaint. It has been ignored.

I am both shocked and saddened that the club with which I have been connected through Daphne for over 30 years should be reduced to operating like this and the lack of simple, basic courtesy is quite breathtaking.

For all of the above, and other issues of which I am aware, I have decided that I cannot continue to offer my support for the club by way of my website and so have reduced it, with sadness and regret, to the present page.

Frank Jukes
14 May 2019